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University of Que Competition Style Pulled Pork

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

Perfectly cooked pulled pork
Pulled Pork

We love BBQ. Pulled Pork was one of the first true Southern BBQ dishes that Kevin ever tried. This is our current recipe that we have come to after years of cooking butts and we think it is pretty good. Designed for competition (and it works amazingly well in competition), but the flavors for the home cook are out of this world as well. We cook this one on a Primo Oval Jr., but you can adapt it to whichever cooker you are used to (except for a slow cooker!)

Competition Style Pork Butt Ingredients:

One 8lb boneless Pork Butt (Prefer Butts with the 10-12% added solution)

3/4 cup apple juice

1/2 cup water

1/2 cup white sugar

1/4 cup sea salt

2 tablespoons Worcestershire Sauce

Lowry’s Seasoning Salt

1/4 cup pourable Light Brown Sugar

5oz Bottle Tiger Sauce

High Quality Honey

Everything you need for the perfect BBQ Pork
Pork Butt Ingredients


1.Trim a lot around the money muscle as you want to get as much seasoning as possible on it. Cook the Butt in a Lasagna Type disposable Pan (Sams Club Bulk Packs) Inject and Rub the Butt 9 hours prior to putting it on your Primo

1. Mix Injection Mixture and refrigerate to get cold (apple juice, water, white sugar, salt and Worcestershire sauce)

2. Inject butt all over, being sure to evenly spread the injection out. It will leak out, that is ok.

2. Apply Lowry’s Seasoning Salt heavy over back side of butt.

3. Apply Smoky Mountain Smokers Spicy rub heavy over back side of butt.

4. Flip Butt over and repeat rub process on meat side.

5. Apply ½ cup of granulated brown sugar over the top of the butt

6. Put back in the fridge until ready to cook..

Perfectly Rubbed Pork Butt
Pork Butt Rubbed with University of Que The Quad
A little Brown Sugar to sweeten the Butt up
Pork Butt with Pourable Brown Sugar over the Rub

For a contest, the Butt goes on (still sitting in the pan) at 2:45am in a 275 degree Primo (set for an indirect cook using the D-Plates) using a few fist size chunks of Hickory for smoke for a 1pm turn in. We do use the Flame Boss 500 controller to hold our Primo's at a very consistent temp (can't be too careful at contests). This process is based on time for the first part.

About ready to wrap.  The color of the pork butt is a beautiful mahogany red!
Pork Butt on the Primo Jr.

After 4 hours on the Grill, remove the butts, check the temperature in the money muscle and prepare double layer of HD aluminum foil. Place fat side of butt down on foil.

1. Pour 1, 5oz. bottle of Tiger Sauce on each butt being sure to cover the money muscle good.

2. Coat heavily with good honey and double wrap tightly ensuring no air pockets and place back onto the smoker.

3. After about 2 hours, check the temp on the butt. You want to shoot for the 202 internal temperature range.

4. When butt is done, place into Cambro (or cooler with old towels) to hold until turn ins (or you’re ready to eat).

5. Dust with University of Que The Quad All Purpose BBQ Rub that has been ground down to a powder.

6. Apply the University of Que G.P.A. Sauce to your liking.

*If cooking for home, separate pan juices with a gravy separator and pour over pulled pork in pan and dust with finishing powder. Enjoy!

Check out our Meat Revival YouTube Channel where you can see the video recipe that Kevin posted:

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