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University of Que Burnt Ends

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

We love Brisket, but Bunt Ends hold a special place in our heart. After years of cooking horrible briskets, Kevin finally got it figured out thanks to some help. After years of cooking them, he's perfected his version of Burnt Ends and we are happy to share it with you all!


Meat Revival Beef Injection and Marinade (mixed according to directions)

Brisket Point (all fat removed and trimmed to a uniform thickness)

Aluminum Foil

3 TBS Kerrygold Salted Butter

About 1/3 – ½ cup of light brown sugar

4oz Apple Juice


1. The Point gets no injection, just rub it with the Quad All Purpose BBQ Rub.

2. Get your cooker up to 275 degrees with Hickory wood for smoke.

3. Place the point on the cooker then set a timer for three hours.

4. After the three-hour timer is up, pull the point.

5. For the point, you’re going to make burnt ends, because everyone will love you. So, you are going to wrap that with the following (also on a double layer of foil).

a. -Light Brown Sugar – lightly

b. -Place the point on top of that

c. -Place three TBS of sliced salted butter on top

d. -Pour in about 4oz of Meat Revival Beef Injection and Marinade

e. -About 4oz of Apple Juice and seal

6. Put the point back on the grill. After an hour, poke your thermometer through the foil being careful not to go through the bottom and check the temp and feel. Pull the point when you get to 190-195.

7. Take the point and cube it into 1” cubes and put in disposable aluminum pan.

8. Pour ¾ of the Burnt End Sauce on pieces and toss to coat.

9. Place back on the cooker for 1 ½ - 2 hours or until they look good to you (not black because that is burnt)

10. Enjoy!

Check out Meat Revival where Kevin makes this step-by-step!

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